Bypassing Manipulation

In order to connect with you – which is the underlying intention of all web copy, ever – I am hereby supposed to start this “about” page with what you’re going to get as a result of subscribing or paying attention to my work.

In other words, if the experts of the internet are correct, I’m to assume that all you really want to know right now is how you’re going to benefit from me; from reading my stuff, watching my videos, buying my programs etc. If it’s not compelling enough, they say, you’ll just click away in the blink of an eye.

Problem is though, I really have no idea how you will actually benefit from my work. And I refuse to be another chick online pumping you up with inflated benefit promises and trying to get you to “join my tribe”. This kind of activity can be manipulative, frustrating, and downright dangerous to your spirit.

My Intention

I hope that my work will help you have more awareness around the different forces vying for your attention and energy, and the resulting alignment that comes with learning to stay dialled in and compassionate towards yourself.

I would LOVE if my writing and speaking helped you experience a deeper connection to yourself; more peaceful, truthful moments in your day despite the overwhelm and illusion engulfing most of our lives.

It would please me (and my ego) greatly to think that I can make a real difference in your life. But really, all I can do is offer up my ideas and opinions (I have many of both) and hope for the best.

Your Work

We both know it’s you who gets to do the work, and frankly my dear most people are too distracted, busy, overwhelmed, and overstimulated these days to follow through on much of anything for long enough to create meaningful change. Most people. But not all.

No More Games

Subscribe to me. Pay attention to me. I can help you be happy, healthy, and hot! It’s this type of messaging that nauseates me, and has also kept me from getting my work out there. The feeling that I have to do things a certain way – write “about” pages according to a special formula, use catchy, enticing language to “bait” readers – has held me up for a long time, and I’m not playing that game anymore.

My name is Jen. My mission is to help you experience more peace in a world full of chaos. I do this through writing blog posts and books, teaching workshops, creating funny videos, and sharing with you the best of me. And everything else as well. Because that’s really the only way that’s ever worked for me: Up front, transparent, and goddam to the point.

In case you do want to know “about” me:

– I have been teaching hot yoga since 2005. I opened my own studio in 2007, and sold it in 2012 to pursue my writing career. Before that, I had  an early career as a marketing exec in the radio industry. And I owned a clothing company. And a real estate marketing firm. Neither was very successful.

– My upcoming book “The Diet Monster” is a memoir about my effed up relationship with food and my body from childhood, as well as an exposé on an industry and pervasive mentality which I feel is downright poisonous to women’s evolution and happiness. One of the largest publishing houses in New York City has first right of refusal on the book as soon as I’m popular enough to warrant their endorsement. Backwards, I know. But it’s just the way it works I guess.

– In addition to being a certified yoga teacher, author, and entrepreneur, I have been a Registered Holistic Nutritionist since 2013. I do not, however, focus on telling people what to eat. My specialty is helping people create what I call “a new way with food“. It might sound jargony, but the distinction cannot be overstated. When you change your way with food, what you eat – and how much – will naturally change as a result.

– I love animals so much, yet I am not “a vegan”. Some may say this makes me a hypocrite.

– I am just now coming out of a period of being very sick. Despite