About My Work

My mission is to help people who want to be good at life (like I do) live and thrive with mindfulness and heart-fullness. I do this through in-person workshops, writing on my blog, free content through my site, and online courses.

See, most of us are in pursuit of something, constantly trying to (or thinking about trying to) create some kind of change in our lives, amiright? Maybe you wanna hang out with your hub (or kids) more, feel foxy in a pantsuit, bring more artistic expression to your job, contribute to the world in a deeper way, or be able to assert yourself in a convo without worrying you sound like a total bitch.

I believe that no matter what change you want to make – whether for yourself or for the world – the first step you need to take is to raise your standards.

I call it Snobology – The Art of Conscious Standards.

Now, I’m not talking about standards around what car you drive, how much money you make, or what brand of hotel you insist on staying at (I don’t give a shit about those things, tbh), I’m talking about the deeper standards you have around how you treat people, how you treat yourself, how you generally show up in the world…and for what purpose.

A standard, as noun, is defined as “a level of acceptable quality, used as a basis for judgement”, and if you think about it (which I’ve done a lot) what you do and who you are has so much to do with your standards.

Let me show you want I mean, so you can raise your standards, and see just how transformational it can be. I’ve created a short, free video course to illustrate just how amazing shifting your standards can be, which is coming very soon. Make sure you’re among the first to know when it’s released.


About Me

I’m Jen, writer, yoga teacher of over ten years, and mindfulness teacher to both individuals and groups. I teach people and organizations who want to be good and do good long term to strategically and gently raise their standards through mindfulness and compassion.

I created this website, and the programs and articles you’ll find here, because I spent a lot of my life pushing, bossing, and rigidifying (is that a word?) myself towards my goals and the changes I wanted to make.

I’ve come to the well-informed realization that mindful compassion really is the most intelligent and productive way to approach pretty much everything.

Just five years ago, I was a vegan yoga studio owner dealing with a decades-long eating disorder, and in constant pursuit of the ideal diet and the perfect body. Everything looked great on the outside: a thriving business, loving husband, yoga photo shoots, a successful food blog, and even a weekly column in the newspaper, but I was depressed, overwhelmed, and stressed to the point of major health issues.

Long story short, I sold my business, and committed to healing; I wanted to experience true wellness, not just pose for pictures of it. Over the course of a few years (waaaay longer than I expected) I dove into all my deep dark shitty shit. Weekly therapy. A diploma in Natural Nutrition. Intensive Vipassana meditation retreats. A major healing crisis. Books. Courses. Coaching. Doctors. Debt.

I explored nearly every resource I could to help me heal and find balance, and (as you may have guessed) my path lead me directly back to myself, and my standards.

Much of what I teach and write about is inspired by Vipassana meditation; I have completed five 10-day silent courses all across the world, and have lead workshops and worked one on one with clients on the practical application of mindfulness to help with productivity, stress reduction, weight loss, and improved communication since 2011.

I am also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and I wrote a very personal, in-depth book proposal called “The Diet Monster – An exposé of the worst (yet most profitable) weight loss method ever”. It’s all about social conditioning, diet culture, sustainable change (through mindfulness) and my personal struggle with food and my body from the time I was ten to around three years ago. One of the three largest publishing houses in New York wants first right of refusal when the book and platform are ready to go.

Got questions? I’d LOVE to hear from you. Email me or shout me out on Facebook or Twitter and I’ll get right back to you. And in the meantime, make sure you’re signed up to receive my weekly updates.