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I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get stuck in a rabbit hole of browsing images of bodies that look like this, and it just happened again the other night.

Are they even real?

Who’s to say. I’m sure some are, and some aren’t. But the point is, for some of us, images of the perfect body can make us compare, feel super crappy about ourselves, and ultimately start planning diets and exercise programs as a result.

Don’t get me wrong. Eating well and working out are staples of my life, but it’s all about the intention. For me, I used to be on and off diets and intense exercise programs because I had this insatiable desire to be skinny.

Now, after a year of intense therapy for ‘preoccupation with food and body’, I just want to feel good and help others do the same. Yeah, I want to be hot, but I don’t want to waste so much of my energy frantically chasing the hotness.

Anyways, I wrote an article about what happened the other night, and I would love you to check it out. It’s basically about being a recovering #thinspo addict. There’s some saucy language, so be warned. 😉

It’s funny, my last two submissions to Elephant Journal have been returned for revisions, but this one, titled A Beautiful Kind of High, was accepted and published almost immediately.

Sometimes we just can’t fight it. I have some pretty pointed opinions on this topic, and it appears I am meant to share them with you.

Dig in. XO


P.S. I would love to credit this photo, but it appeared on like 20 different websites with no clear credit. If this is your ass, or your photograph, let me know and I’ll gladly add your name and info. 🙂

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