I LOVE yoga and meditation. I love good, healthy food. Posting about these things brings me great joy and satisfaction, it really does, but I have a confession: These are not what I am most passionate about at this point in my writing career. There’s something else that I feel comes first – for many of us – before we can truly begin living with peace and hotness.

Being happy and loving with our bodies, and having a stress-free Way With Food frees us up to pursue happiness, authenticity and a creative, fulfilling life. Being stressed about food and unhappy with our bodies can seriously cramp our style.

Do you have peace with food?

If yes, I am so happy for you. There are so many people in such a state of confusion around food, dieting, body image and exercise right now that if you are on the right path, you are very fortunate.

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After years (sadly, since I was like, 11) of  chronic dieting, compulsive exercising and being too hard on myself, I have finally come to a way of peace with food. And I couldn’t be more freakin’ excited about it.

The principles of yoga and meditation – like awareness and compassion – as they apply to food and eating…that is what I am most excited to write about right now.

You see, for some people, being a ‘Natural Eater’ is just the way they roll. They’ve never really been on a diet, and they don’t stress about food. They eat when hungry, stop when satisfied, and don’t place rigid restrictions on what kinds of food they eat.

Then there’s the other 75% of us. That’s right. 75% of North American women surveyed in a 2011 study reported unhealthy thoughts, feelings or behaviors related to food or their bodies. (1)

I see it in every single yoga class I teach. Women (and men, but much more women) staring at other women’s bodies, grabbing their belly fat when they think no one is looking, frowning, even scowling at their bodies in the mirror…and that’s not even getting into the change room talk! I hear about all the crazy diets, cleanses and programs students are trying to lose weight; then, I hop online and find posts like this on Facebook:

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It’s crazy! It’s way too common, and most people just…don’t want to talk about it.

Preoccupation with food and body, and conversely having peace with food, are not easy topics to write about. Not having control over any area of our lives is simply thought of as being uncool. With so much emphasis these days on beating the obesity epidemic, organic food, green smoothies, juicing etc. we are safest, socially speaking, to project an image that we’ve got it together when it comes to food.

If you are constantly thinking about food, and feeling like you are starting a new diet every Monday, you are not the only one. If you always feel like you have 10-20-40 pounds to lose, you are like MANY of the students I speak with every single day. If you feel like you are always either ‘on track’ and eating like a saint, or ‘off track’ and eating poor quality foods in potentially overwhelming quantities, you need to know there are lots of people feeling the same way.

They just don’t talk about it.

The first step in finding YOUR Way With Food, the one that will bring you peace AND hotness, is checking in with yourself and asking, honestly:

Do you have peace with food?

If yes, keep on keepin’ on!! Spread the love!! Give yourself all the credit you deserve!

If no, stay tuned. I’m gonna help.

Love Jen.


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  1. Jen!! I just got back from a month in Europe and ate my way through all the countries I visited, enjoying the regional foods and the people who made the food right there in the neighbourhood. I HAVE NEVER FELT BETTER IN MY LIFE about food than I do right this moment!! I eat with appreciation and enjoyment and I realised today that food DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A STRUGGLE. Ever.
    Love you, thanks for this post.
    -Ida xxox

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