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In my whole life, I never thought I’d wind up talking about constipation as a career. It is unreal to me how much this topic comes up in conversation, and how many people suffer with the frustrating malady of irregularity.

Being regular was somewhat of a big deal when my main gig was a yoga teacher; I knew basic principles of detoxification and elimination, and it ensured ease of movement in postures. But since I’ve started nutrition school, talking about bowel movements (or ‘bms’ as they’re referred to in the industry) is like talking about the weather. You’d be hard pressed to find a health practitioner, eastern or western, who denies the impact of constipation on overall health, energy, disease prevention and optimal body weight.

“The GI tract is a processing unit that metabolizes all of the nutrients you take in and eliminates all of the body’s waste,” explains Dr. Amy Foxx-Orenstein, president of the American College of Gastroenterology. “What comes through it is reflective of how well or how ill the body is.”

Bowel movements may not be the most socially acceptable discussion, but they are essential to feeling good in your body. As such, you can expect poop-related posts to occasionally pop up on this site.

Here is a quick interview with 3 key tips to maintaining regularity that you can implement right away, hosted by yours truly, and featuring CSNN Vancouver’s senior instructor, Sara Gebriel.

Thanks for watching! Got any comments? Let me know what you think about the video, or take a risk and drop some bombs on the topic.

I’ll finish this one off by quoting myself.

“Regularity is happiness” -Jenny Boyle



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