Personal SWOT Analysis

One of my favourite characteristics in a person is the ability to be aware of their own strengths and weaknesses.

Not only does this awareness reflect humility and self-work, but it also makes for interesting conversation. Talking to someone who’s only aware of their weaknesses can be depleting and depressing. Conversely, having a chat with someone who is only aware of their strengths – a breed commonly known as The Pompous Ass – can be…well, downright boring and eye-rollingly nauseating.

Self awareness is so hot. So I’ve re-vamped an old business tool – the S.W.O.T analysis – which I learned in one of my business classes YEARS ago for you to use as a brief check-in for yourself, and I’ve created a SWEET worksheet for you to complete (see below) – either digitally, or by good old-fashioned print-and-pen.

The way I’ve outlined this is to keep it super simple so you can self-reflect without having to set aside a whole day or week to do it…which is always a bonus, but not always realistic. Obviously you can do with this as you choose, and take or leave any of the tips below. The idea is simply to use objectivity to see where you’re rad, where you could use some work, and look into the future just a little bit to see where those traits may take you.

Using three to five points for each, write what you think are your:

1) Strengths

2) Weaknesses

3) Opportunities

4) Threats

You can go as deep and spiritual as you like, or keep it more superficial, whatever suits. I’ll give examples of each in my own personal S.W.O.T Analysis, which I’ve included for you. If you want to take it a step further, you can also choose to do a S.W.O.T Analysis for each area of your life, but that’s clearly a bit more of a commitment. You are your own master. 🙂

Jen’s Personal S.W.O.T Analysis:

1) Strengths: Communication, Able to see other’s perspectives, Creative/Entrepreneurial, Loving and sensitive, Strong Ideals

2) Weaknesses: Quick to judge/get exasperated, Confrontational, Scattered, Doesn’t like folding laundry, All or Nothing Thinker (Sometimes known as a Fatalist)

3) Opportunities: Rich relationships, Lots of expression, Successful in career, Feels and connects deeply

4) Threats: Hurts easily, Potential to FAIL MASSIVELY, Risks hurting others with opinions, Risks not reaching potential due to lack of organization/implementation of way too many ideas and things going on at once. Oh, and Kevin being upset at large piles of unfolded laundry that gets wrinkly and requires more work than if I had just folded it and put it away in the first place.

See how they cross over and relate to each other? My weaknesses translate into my threats, which I want to be aware of so I can be as work on them. My strengths lead right into my opportunities, which I want to stay focussed on so I can thrive and reach my potential so I can feel happy and fulfilled. Each can also find its way into another category; your weaknesses can be amazing opportunities, and your strengths can also be seen as weaknesses. YOUR opinion is what counts here. 😉

If you want, you can always work on this with someone else, to get an objective opinion and see if the way you see yourself is also the way others see you…but MAKE SURE you’re reaching out to someone who doesn’t have any agenda to push you down to make themselves feel better. It’s a sensitive exercise, however simple, and best done with a loving pal who is also on the path to improving themselves and being self aware.

There’s a follow up exercise to this, but start with this one, and let me know in the comments section how it goes!

Happy self-reflection everyone!

Love Jen.

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